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Boosting Team Morale with Emojot Year-End Party Team Building Event Strengthened Our Team Bonds.

Introduction Team building activities have become an essential part of any organization’s culture. They are an excellent way to foster collaboration, boost morale, and build strong relationships among employees. The Emojot team last year organized a team-building activity using the Emojot platform, which turned out to be a huge success. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at this activity and how it brought the team together, using the Emojot platform. The Solution The HR team at Emojot organized a year-end party, and they decided to incorporate a team-building activity into the event using the Emojot platform. They created an Emotion Sensors™ that included riddles and divided the employees into teams. The teams had to solve the riddles using the Emojot platform. The activity started with a brief introduction and rules were explained to the teams. The rules were simple, each team had to solve the riddles using the Emotion Sensors™ within a given time frame. The teams were awarded points based on the number of riddles they solved correctly and within the time frame. The riddles included in the Emotion Sensors™ were challenging, and the teams had to work together to solve them. The activity was not only fun and engaging, but it also required employees to think critically and work collaboratively. The teams were motivated to solve the riddles, and there was a sense of healthy competition among them. After each team had solved the riddles, the HR team used another Emotion Sensors™ to reveal the answers. The use of the emojot platform not only made the riddle activity more exciting but also provided valuable data on audience engagement. By the end of the activity, everyone was fully engaged, and the energy in the room was electric. The Result The Emojot team building activity was a […]

Emojot Voice of Audience Solution: An Innovative Way to Push Questions from the Audience to the Panelists

Have you ever attended a conference, seminar, or webinar where you had a burning question but didn’t get the chance to ask it? Or maybe you didn’t feel comfortable raising your hand or asking your question in front of a large audience. These situations can be frustrating, and many attendees end up feeling unheard or ignored. Fortunately, the Emojot Voice of Audience Solution is here to solve this problem. The Emojot Voice of Audience Solution is a cutting-edge product that allows event organizers to capture audience feedback and questions in real-time. With this solution, attendees can use Emotion Sensor™ to submit their questions via a web or mobile app, which are then pushed to the panelists. This makes it easier for attendees to participate in events and feel heard, even if they’re not comfortable speaking up in front of a large audience.

Why an All-In-One SaaS Platform is the Ultimate Solution for Your Business!

Are you considering investing in a SaaS solution for your business? If so, you might be wondering whether it’s better to opt for an all-in-one platform or a set of best-of-breed solutions. While both have their advantages, in this article, we’ll explore why an all-in-one SaaS platform might be the better choice for your business. First, let’s clarify what we mean by an all-in-one SaaS platform. Essentially, it’s a software solution that offers a range of features and functionalities that can serve multiple needs of your business. For example, an all-in-one SaaS platform might offer customer experience management tools, workflow management capabilities, and email marketing features all in one package. On the other hand, best-of-breed solutions are specialized software tools that are designed to excel in a particular area. For example, you might use one best-of-breed solution for customer experience management, another for workflow management, and a third for email marketing campaigns. So, why might an all-in-one SaaS platform be the better choice? Here are a few reasons to consider: Seamless integration Seamless integration When you opt for an all-in-one SaaS platform, you get a set of tools that are designed to work together seamlessly. That means you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues or integrating data from one tool to another. Instead, you can focus on using the tools to run your business. Lower costs Investing in multiple best-of-breed solutions can be expensive. Each tool typically comes with its own subscription fee, and you might also need to pay for integration services to get them all working together. With an all-in-one SaaS platform, you can often get all the tools you need for a lower overall cost. Easier to manage Having multiple best-of-breed solutions can also make things more complicated from a management perspective. You might need to […]

An Introduction to Customer Experience Management

If you own or run an enterprise, you know that your customers are the bedrock of your business. The way they think and feel about your brand color every choice they make. Every time you design a new product, release an improved service, mock up an advertisement, write a press release, call a client, ship an order, or perform numerous other vital actions, you influence your customers’ perception of your brand. Of course, with this in mind, maintaining good relationships with your clients can start to seem monumentally overwhelming. Taking on this aspect of your business might leave you with more questions than answers. What if your customers don’t like your new website design? How would they feel if you raised your prices slightly? Why didn’t they respond to the commercial you painstakingly filmed? Fortunately, there are twenty-first century tools you can use to answer these very questions and tackle this particular part of modern business. This is where Customer Experience Management comes into play. Today’s advanced technology can help you understand, foster relationships with, and, ultimately, profit from your customers better than ever before. Emojot’s products are at the cutting edge of this growing field. In the following blog, we introduce you to Customer Experience Management and explain our outstanding offerings in this area. What is Customer Experience Management? You may have heard the term “Customer Experience Management” thrown around online or at conferences, but if you don’t understand it’s full definition, then it will mean little more to you than a collection of buzzwords. Customer Experience Management actually has quite a precise meaning, as defined by Tech Target: “Customer experience management (CEM or CXM) is the collection of processes a company uses to track, oversee, and organize every interaction between a customer and the organization throughout the customer […]

Your Gut Feel on Who’s Speaking the Truth: Donald Trump or Stormy Daniels?

We are all aware of the accusations made by Stormy Daniels to Donald Trump. Daniels is an adult-film actress who was on the radar of several mainstream news outlets in the initial days of the presidential campaign. During this period reporters from ABC, Fox News, the Daily Beast and Slate.com pursued a potentially explosive story stating that Daniels had allegedly had an affair with Trump in 2006, only a couple months after Trump’s wife, Melania, had given birth to their son, Barron. Daniel’s story included multiple sexual assault allegations against Trump and the controversy over his vulgar remarks on the “Access Hollywood” video. However, no one really went with the story. Why exactly wasn’t the story reported at the presidential election time. Was it because it could have possibly intensified questions surrounding his character before the public gave in their vote? Although the news has gone completely viral, the White House has denied that this affair existed. To add to that, Daniels made a statement on how Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen had created a limited liability company to pay Daniels $130,000 ahead of the 2016 presidential election as part of a “hush agreement” to keep quiet about the alleged affair with Trump. Daniels also stated that she was forced to sign the document and her legal team including her attorney Michael Avenatti said that the agreement is invalid as it was never signed by Trump. With the White House refusing to answer if Trump was aware of porn star payment, are they trying to cover Trump’s tracks or are they trying to avoid a falsified statement made by Daniels? And the latest on this news trail would be the fact that Daniels’ attorney Avenatti has filed a motion in federal court seeking to depose Trump and Cohen to inquire about […]

Top 5 Reasons for Implementing a Voice of Audience

If you’re an event planner, an event organizer, a publisher, or simply a person handling an audience it is very important that you understand the importance of listening to what your audience has to say. Listening and understanding your audience’s voice lets you plan for the future. This could not only save you a lot of money but it will also help you cater to your audience in a much more optimized manner. The possibilities of growth are endless when you start caring for your audience. A happy, engaged, strong audience 😊 The more you listen to your audience, the more the audience would love to respond and keep engaging with your programs. This will in return reward you with a very powerful audience who is happy all the time. They do not have any problems to do with you or your program at all. A happy audience also easily translates to a higher revenue. We’ll leave that for now but will definitely be picking it up on this article. You get the opportunity to improve 🔺 Once you know how your audience is feeling and what their thought process is, you will be able to tweak things on your end in order to come up with better content or upgrades for your event in the future. The audience will know that their voice is being heard and would love to keep engaging with whatever it is that you come up with in the future. Everybody gets the chance to speak up 📢 The fact that everyone gets a chance to engage in a conversation is very powerful. When there is an additional layer on top of you and your audience where everyone gets the chance to collaborate and share their views especially in the case of a conference makes […]

Second Screens and Missed Opportunities

After a long day at the office, we’ve all felt that need to sit back, kick off our shoes, and watch our favorite TV series. Or so we think. How long into an episode does it take before you pull out your phone to send out a tweet or to check Facebook? Or maybe you might pull out your tablet to look up the actor you just saw, new TV series, or check email. This phenomenon, of consuming content on a primary device (a television) while simultaneously accessing contextual information on a second device (smartphone or tablet) is termed the “Second Screen”, and it’s something that has become increasingly popular. Do you use a second screen while watching tv? While second screen use can refer to video gaming as well, it’s most commonly associated with the use of televisions. It’s just something we do now, especially with the easy availability of devices and the abundance of content available online. If you are watching sports on the television, you will find it really easy to check player information, stats and leaderboards in real time online. You will also be interacting with friends and followers on Facebook or Twitter, sending messages and posts back and forth about the match you are watching. It’s an amazing level of integration and interaction between what you are watching, what you are accessing on demand, and who you share the experience with. Second screening is taking our consumption of entertainment content to a whole different level. In this case, however, the consumer is several steps ahead of the content producer in sophistication. How often do you share your experience on social media whilst watching tv? A Nielsen report in 2012 says that 84 percent of mobile owners use their tablet or smartphone while watching TV at least once […]