Emotion Sensors™

Emojot’s unique innovation of Emotion Sensor™, is a groundbreaking reinvention of traditional surveys. Unlike old surveys that can be boring, these are fun to look at and quick to fill out, so more people actually complete them. Emotion Sensors™ are entirely customizable, incorporate industry-standard metrics such as NPS, CSAT, and CES. Plus, they work well with the company’s look, making sure customers get a consistent experience. Emojot’s Emotion Sensors™ can alert businesses right away when there’s an issue, helping them make smart decisions quickly.

The Airline Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Airline Customer Satisfaction

The Airline Customer Satisfaction Survey is a comprehensive feedback mechanism designed to measure and evaluate the level of satisfaction and experience passengers have with an airline’s products and services. The design of this Emotion Sensor™ is specifically focused on capturing…

The Car Dealership Customer Experience Survey

The Car Dealership Customer Experience

This Emotion Sensor™ is designed to collect customer feedback about their experience at the car dealership. It utilizes the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a widely recognized indicator of customer loyalty and advocacy. Additionally, the survey incorporates comment fields to encourage…

Your Stay Matters Survey

Your Stay Matters

The hotel customer satisfaction survey serves the purpose of collecting feedback from guests to identify areas that require improvement. To ensure a comprehensive understanding of customers’ experiences, the Emotion Sensor™ enables hotels to delve into their thoughts and emotions related…

The Coffee House Survey

The Coffee House

The main objective of conducting this coffee shop survey is to gather valuable feedback from customers regarding their experience. By utilizing the Emotion Sensor™, it allows us to capture customers’ responses on various aspects of their visit. The survey has…

The Big Bang Theory Trivia Quiz

The Big Bang Theory is a world-famous TV show. This Emojot’s Emotion Sensor™ quiz was conducted to engage with the fans of the show. The innovative Big Bang Theory quiz offers an enhanced user experience through captivating multimedia content and an advanced scoring system. Users are immersed in the quiz with enticing images from the show while gaining valuable insights into user engagement analytics through meticulous analysis and score assignments based on users’ responses. At the end of the quiz, a personalized page displays the users’ overall score and provides correct answers for self-assessment and learning opportunities to deepen fans’ knowledge and enjoyment of the series.

International Women’s Day

The Emojot’s Emotion Sensor™ played a vital role in conducting a survey aimed at promoting International Women’s Day 2023 and raising awareness about relevant subjects. Its purpose was to collect data regarding people’s emotional reactions to topics related to women’s rights and gender equality. The Emotion Sensor™ was meticulously designed with captivating aesthetics and visually pleasing themed emojis, aiming to elicit valuable feedback from users. By combining attractive visuals and a cohesive presentation, the Emotion Sensor™ strives to grab users’ attention and provide a positive and immersive experience.

The Fitness Tracker

The Emotion Sensor™, an advanced feature seamlessly integrated into the Wellness Program, is designed to monitor and enhance employee well-being. This sensor allows for the measurement of employees’ stress levels, fitness, and overall well-being. The Emotion Sensors™ consist of straightforward,…


Christmas is a beloved holiday celebrated worldwide, and to make the festivities even more memorable, an engaging quiz was created using an Emotion Sensor™. The Emotion Sensor™ is designed to captivate users and enhance their engagement. It utilizes eye-catching multimedia content and Christmas-themed puzzles to create a festive and exciting experience. With an advanced scoring system, it provides valuable insights into user engagement by analyzing and assigning scores based on responses. The skip logic feature enhances personalization by allowing users to skip pages based on their answers. After completing the quiz, users receive a score-based thank you page that offers personalized feedback, displaying their overall score and correct answers through images. This allows users to review their performance, learn from mistakes, and gain valuable insights from their quiz-taking experience.

FIFA World Cup

The Emojot’s Emotion Sensor™ enhances the quiz experience for FIFA World Cup enthusiasts by incorporating gamification features. This Emotion Sensor™ has the capability to provide valuable insights through its advanced scoring system, score-based thank you page and advanced analytics with a geo-map. The Advanced Scoring System allows for a detailed analysis of user engagement analytics, while the score-based thank you page offers personalized feedback and a performance review. Additionally, the advanced analytics with a geo-map help understand user engagement across different regions.

Veterinary Center Customer Experience Survey

The Emotion Sensor™ has been strategically crafted to collect insightful customer feedback regarding their experience at the Veterinary Center. Its visually appealing themes and captivating emojis have been meticulously designed to engage users and elicit valuable feedback. By leveraging the widely recognized Net Promoter Score (NPS), the sensor provides an accurate measure of customer loyalty and advocacy, enabling the Veterinary Center to assess its brand perception. Additionally, the survey incorporates comment fields, providing customers with an opportunity to share further insights and suggestions, fostering a sense of collaboration and customer-centricity.