Pawsitively Successful: How a Veterinary Group Transformed Customer Experience with Emojot


In a previous article we discussed how a group of veterinary hospitals leveraged Emojot solutions to gain visibility into the performance of their marketing channels and by bringing together all related information together to make informed decisions, ultimately helping drive ROI optimization. 

Now let’s have a look at how the group of veterinary hospitals were able to re-utilize Emojot’s solutions to gather customer feedback to help enhance customer experience, understand customer representative KPIs, and boost their online presence. The platform has been proven to be a powerful tool for businesses, which enabled them to gain valuable insights into customer experience, and customer representative KPIs and at the same time help boost their online presence. By leveraging these insights, the group was able to make informed decisions and implemented targeted improvements to ensure they continue to provide exceptional experiences for their clients.


The veterinary group faced several challenges in their customer experience management process, which included the following issues:

  • Time and resource-intensive process: Monitoring and managing customer feedback by dedicated staff required significant time and resources, diverting them from other essential tasks.
  • Inefficient survey deployment: The manual deployment of individual surveys for each of the 15+ locations led to a delay in collecting feedback, as they were sent long after a patient visited a location. This delay resulted in less accurate or incomplete feedback from clients.
  • Inconsistent branding and customer experience: The focus on individual branding for each location, coupled with the lack of a centralized feedback management system, has led to inconsistencies in the quality of service and customer experience across the different locations.
  • Limited scope for data analysis: With feedback data and insights scattered across multiple platforms and surveys, made it challenging to analyze the collected data, hindering the identification of trends, patterns, and areas of concern that could help improve the overall performance of the veterinary clinics.
  • Reduced responsiveness to customer concerns affecting online presence: The delayed and scattered feedback collection process made it difficult for the veterinary to quickly address and resolve customer concerns, potentially leading to a negative impact on customer satisfaction and brand reputation.


To help tackle the challenges the group was facing, a quick and efficient solution was planned out and deployed:

Following a visit to one of the hospitals, hospital staff updates the patient’s record on their internal patient management system. Once the update is done, Emojot’s integration with the patient management system triggers an automated email to the patient, requesting feedback on their experience at the hospital. The Emotion Sensor™ sent to the patients is brand personalized depending on the hospital they visited, displaying questions related to the location and a personalized theme to match each hospital.

  • Gaining insights into customer experience: By requesting the patients to give their feedback post-visit enables the management to obtain invaluable feedback on various aspects of the customer experience and hospital. Questions related to patient handling, doctors and staff, overall satisfaction, etc are asked.
  • Valuable customer representative KPIs: The Emotion Sensor™ asks patients to rate the customer service representative they interacted with during their visit. This valuable data helps each hospital understand the performance of each representative in terms of KPIs. By analyzing the feedback, the hospitals can identify areas for improvement, provide targeted training, and recognize top-performing representatives.
  • Boosting online presence and ratings: When patients complete the survey and are identified as Net Promoter Score (NPS) promoters (with a score above 8), they are prompted on the thank-you page to leave a review. This strategy encourages satisfied customers to share their positive experiences, thereby improving the veterinary hospitals’’ online ratings and presence. A strong online reputation can attract more clients, enhance credibility, and contribute to the overall success of the veterinary group.
  • Brand personalization: As each hospital has its own individual branding, the need to display it is very important. By simply utilizing Emojot’s brand personalization feature, the group was able to create a theme to suit each and every hospital under them for the Emotion Sensor™ as well as the email being sent out as well!

Results and Impact

By re-purposing Emojot’s already deployed solutions, the group of veterinary hospitals experienced significant benefits once the hospital started acting on the feedback that was collected from the patients:

  • Improved resource allocation: Streamlining the customer feedback management process will allow staff to focus on other essential tasks, resulting in more efficient use of their time and resources.
  • Enhanced feedback collection: Implementing an automated and timely survey distribution system will encourage clients to provide more accurate and comprehensive feedback, enabling the veterinary to better understand their experiences.
  • Enhanced customer experience: The personalized Emotion Sensors™ helped identify areas for improvement in customer service. This enabled the hospitals to address any issues proactively and enhance the overall customer experience.
  • Personalized survey depending on location: With the use of just a single survey, the whole group of veterinary hospitals were covered with each hospital being shown its own theme and branding along with any related questions.
  • Single point analytics dashboard: Consolidating feedback data and insights into a centralized platform will facilitate a comprehensive understanding of client satisfaction, allowing management to make data-driven decisions for improvements and identify trends, patterns, and areas of concern.
  • Improved customer representative KPIs: Understanding the KPIs of customer service representatives allowed each hospital to provide targeted training and support. This helped boost staff performance and further contributed to better customer experiences.
  • Increased online presence: Encouraging NPS promoters to leave reviews helped boost each veterinary hospital’s online ratings and presence, attracting more clients and strengthening their reputation in the industry.


The Emojot platform has proven to be a powerful tool for this group of veterinary hospitals, enabling them to gain valuable insights into customer experience, the customer representatives and help boost their online presence. By leveraging these insights, the hospitals were able to improve their services, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive business growth.

In today’s competitive market, understanding and meeting the needs of customers is crucial for success. The Emojot platform offers a comprehensive solution that helps businesses like these veterinary hospitals stay ahead of the curve. By collecting and analyzing customer feedback, organizations can make informed decisions and implement targeted improvements to ensure they continue to provide exceptional experiences for their clients.