The Emojot Wellness Program: An Innovative Approach to Monitoring and Improving Employee Wellness


Employee wellness has become an increasingly important concern for companies and organizations worldwide. The well-being of employees not only impacts their individual health and happiness but also affects overall organizational performance. As a result, many organizations are implementing processes and tools designed to monitor and improve employee wellness.

An Empowering Solution to Improve Employee Wellness 

The Emojot Wellness Program is an innovative approach to monitoring and improving employee wellness. It involves sending weekly Emotion Sensors™ to employees that measure their stress level, fitness, and overall well-being. The Emotion Sensors™ are made up of straightforward, emoji-based questions allowing employees to promptly and effortlessly provide responses.

One exceptional feature of this procedure is that employees can record their workout hours monthly, and the winner for each month is selected based on the number of hours logged. This incentivizes employees to prioritize their fitness and exercise more regularly, improving their fitness levels.

In addition to monitoring fitness, the Emojot Wellness Program tracks employees’ stress levels. If an employee’s stress level is consistently high, an alert will be sent to the top management, allowing for timely intervention and support.

Metrics Breakdown

The organization analyzes wellness metrics by categorizing data by department to gain insights into each team’s well-being and identify potential areas of concern. The fitness challenge metrics are shared with the entire team on a monthly basis to motivate and engage employees, while stress management-related metrics are shared only with senior management, with personally identifiable information anonymized to protect employees’ privacy. This enables senior management to make informed decisions to support and empower their workforce. Stress management notifications are sent exclusively to trained HR personnel to ensure responsible handling of sensitive information and protect employee well-being.

Fitness Gamification Metrics Breakdown

  • Business Team

Business Team’s Workout Hours: A 6-Month Review

  • Engineering Team

Engineering Team’s Workout Hours: A 6-Month Review


The implementation of the Emojot Wellness Program in our organization has resulted in impressive outcomes. Employees have reported feeling more engaged, happier, and healthier. This positive impact on employee well-being has resulted in a more motivated and productive workforce.

The tracking of monthly workout hours has had a notable effect on employee fitness levels. Displaying the winners on the leaderboard and offering gifts has led to increased motivation among employees to exercise. The monthly winner system’s competitive nature has incentivized employees to prioritize their fitness, resulting in a more active and healthy workforce.

The alert system for high-stress levels has been particularly effective in identifying and addressing stressors before they become overwhelming. Employers have been able to provide support and resources to employees, resulting in a decrease in stress-related illnesses and an increase in employee well-being.

Overall, the Emojot Wellness Program has created a more engaged and motivated workforce, resulting in a positive impact on organizational performance.


The Emojot Wellness Program is a valuable process for companies and organizations committed to improving the well-being of their employees. By monitoring employee wellness and providing actionable insights, the program can help to reduce employee turnover, increase productivity, and create a more positive work environment. Real-time feedback enables managers to address any immediate concerns, preventing small problems from escalating into more significant issues. Overall, the Emojot Wellness Program is an innovative and effective approach to promoting employee wellness and should be considered by any organization looking to prioritize the well-being of its workforce.