SLASSCOM’s Women in Tech Conference 2.0 Leverages Emojot for Dynamic Audience Engagement


Colombo, Sri Lanka – SLASSCOM’s successful Women in Tech Conference 2.0 held on 26th of March 2024 harnessed the power of Emojot, a leading audience engagement platform, to foster dynamic interaction between attendees and panelists.

The conference, focused on Gender Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity in the tech industry, featured insightful panel discussions. Emojot’s innovative Voice of Audience (VOA) tool empowered attendees to actively participate by submitting questions directly to the speakers in real-time. This eliminated traditional barriers to participation and ensured a more inclusive and engaging experience for everyone.

“We were thrilled to partner with Emojot for our Women in Tech Conference,” said Rochelle Gomez Senior Manager – ESG Forum, WTech Forum and E&I Forum from SLASSCOM. “Their VOA tool fostered a lively exchange of ideas and ensured all voices were heard. This technology is a game-changer for conferences and events, promoting a truly interactive environment.”

Emojot’s VOA tool provides a user-friendly interface for audiences to submit questions via mobile devices. This seamless process streamlines audience participation and eliminates the need for microphones or raising hands. Additionally, Emojot’s features allowed organizers to prioritize and moderate questions as organizers could efficiently manage the flow of questions, ensuring the most relevant and engaging topics were addressed.

By leveraging Emojot, SLASSCOM’s Women in Tech Conference 2.0 demonstrated a commitment to fostering an interactive and inclusive environment for attendees. This innovative approach to audience engagement is sure to inspire future conferences and events seeking to empower a more participatory experience.

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