Simplify Your Recruitment Process with Emojot’s Applicant Tracking System


The Emojot has introduced an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software solution to help organizations improve their hiring and recruitment processes. This solution is designed to automate administrative tasks, streamline interview scheduling, simplify job advertising, and send automated notifications to relevant parties involved in the recruitment process. By implementing this solution, organizations can make better hiring decisions and save time throughout the recruitment process.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using the Emojot ATS and how it has helped the Emojot HR team.

Our Solution

Emojot’s ATS initiates the process by providing a URL for job applications that can be shared on multiple platforms, such as social media, job portals, company websites, newspapers, notice boards, and office locations. Candidates can visit the job application URL and view the relevant Emotion Sensor™ and submit their details seamlessly.

Both Emojot ATS admins and candidates receive email notifications once an application is submitted. The ATS dashboard allows admins to view a list of candidates who have applied for a particular job and compare their responses to select potential candidates for interviews. The shortlisted, and rejected candidates receive email notifications as go forward in the recruitment process along with the ATS admins.

Dynamic email templates with company branding and interview details will be sent to candidates, along with attachments and online meeting invitations when required. Meanwhile, the ATS enables the admin to put remarks when necessary.

The Emojot ATS admins share the assignment with the shortlisted candidates as a URL embedded in the email. The assignment can customize based on the job vacancy and the candidate can submit the assignment with other relevant documents, images, and videos. Once the assignment is submitted, both Emojot ATS users and the candidates will notify via email.

In the final stages, the ATS provides sending customized offer letters as a URL embedded in the email, so the candidates can download, sign, and upload them through the system. Referees and previous employers are notified via email to verify the candidate’s previous employment details by accessing a verification form as a URL embedded in the email.

After the hiring process is complete, both the ATS admin and candidates receive email notifications and are asked to provide feedback on the process. Negative feedback generates real-time notifications to the relevant parties, and the Emojot ATS provides users with valuable report insights and analytics.


By implementing an ATS, the Emojot HR team has been able to streamline its recruitment process significantly. The system has helped the team save time and improve their hiring decisions by providing a centralized location for all candidate information and automating communication with them. 


Emojot‘s Applicant Tracking System is a powerful tool that simplifies and automates the recruitment process for both recruiters and candidates. It offers a streamlined approach to job applications, enabling candidates to submit their details seamlessly and recruiters to manage applications with ease. The ATS provides dynamic email templates with company branding and interview details, customized offer letters, and verification forms that enable employers to hire the best candidates quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the ATS generates valuable insights and analytics, enabling users to make informed decisions and continuously improve their recruitment processes. With Emojot’s ATS, recruitment becomes an effortless, efficient, and satisfying experience for all parties involved.