Redefining Social Listening in the Age of AI: An Introduction to Emojot’s SLT


In an age where digital conversations shape consumer perceptions, the tools used to monitor and interpret these conversations play a pivotal role. As social listening has matured, the intersection of this domain with Artificial Intelligence promises unprecedented insights. This paper introduces Emojot’s SLT, a cutting-edge tool that represents the next generation of social listening.

The Importance of Comprehensive Social Listening:

  • The Digital Footprint: With billions of users active online, the digital realm is buzzing with conversations that carry valuable insights about brands, products, and market trends.
  • Brand Image and Reputation: A single viral negative review can significantly tarnish a brand’s reputation. Active listening allows brands to manage such situations proactively.
  • Market Insights: Beyond reputation management, understanding online conversations can provide insights into market demands, emerging trends, and potential areas of growth.

Current Challenges Faced by Businesses in the Digital Landscape:

  • Volume Overload: The sheer amount of digital conversations makes it challenging to sift through irrelevant data and focus on pertinent insights.
  • Delayed Responses: Traditional tools often have a lag in recognizing and alerting brands about trending conversations, leading to missed opportunities or escalating PR crises.
  • Surface-Level Insights: Most tools provide data, but the actionable insights — the “why” behind the data — often remain elusive.

A Deep Dive into Emojot’s SLT’s Features and Capabilities:

  • AI-Powered Insights: Emojot’s SLT uses AI to analyze vast amounts of data, highlighting patterns, sentiments, and trends that would otherwise go unnoticed.
  • Storm Alerts: Stay informed instantly. Emojot’s SLT provides real-time notifications, allowing brands to respond to situations promptly.
  • Comprehensive Competitor Analysis: Understand not just your brand but also how competitors are being perceived, offering a holistic view of the industry landscape.
  • AI-Driven Topic Categorization: Automatically sort and categorize mentions, making it easier to derive actionable insights and strategies.

A Case Study Showcasing the Effectiveness of Emojot’s SLT:

One of Sri Lanka’s prominent apparel manufacturers turned to Emojot’s SLT to keep a pulse on its online conversations. A pivotal moment came when the platform’s unique “storm alert” capability was triggered due to a spike in social chatter related to the brand. Recognizing the urgency, the management quickly responded by deploying a pulse survey across their factories. This timely intervention enabled them to gauge employee sentiment directly, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of the situation from both online chatter and internal feedback. By merging insights from Emojot’s SLT with on-ground sentiments, the company could take proactive measures, ensuring that potential issues were addressed before they could escalate into tangible negative impacts.


The future of social listening is here, and it’s powered by AI. Emojot’s SLT offers businesses a comprehensive tool that not only listens but also understands and provides actionable insights. In the evolving digital landscape, having an advanced tool like Emojot’s SLT is no longer just an advantage — it’s a necessity.