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Our Sensational Pre-Super Bowl Emotion Sensors™

Pre-Super Bowl Emotion Sensors™

If you’ve ever attended a Super Bowl Sunday party, watched the game in a sports bar, or even heard your coworkers talk about it by the water cooler, you know that the Super Bowl is a big deal. Fans have strong emotions and reactions about their favorite teams, the best plays, the referees’ calls, the halftime show, and even the commercials. Furthermore, there are quite a lot of Super Bowl aficionados – according to Statista, “the 2015 Super Bowl had a record-breaking average TV-audience of 114.4 million viewers,” and the 2018 Super Bowl wasn’t far behind, with 111.3 million watching. With these stunning numbers in mind, it should come as no surprise that this sporting event is also highly anticipated. Fans start planning their Sunday afternoons, talking about potential plays, wondering what the halftime show will look like, and generally getting excited for the Super Bowl well before it comes on TV.

At Emojot, we’ve designed our state-of-the-art emoji-based surveys, which we call Emotion Sensors™, to harness just this sort of viewer fervor. Our Voice of Audience Emotion Sensors™ help entertainment companies better understand what their watchers want. In addition, these Emotion Sensors™ can actually engender greater enthusiasm and engage viewers. If you’ve ever talked to a football fan right before a big game, you know they love to share their opinions and reactions. Perhaps they are happy-face about their team’s chances, sad-face regarding a prominent player’s recent injury, or eyeroll-face about the NFL’s choice of halftime performer.

That’s why the days leading up to Super Bowl LII seemed like the perfect time for the Emojot team to test out and showcase our simple yet powerful Voice of Audience Emotion Sensors™. We conducted a Pre-Super Bowl Emotion Sensors™ for fantastic results. Read on to learn more about how this Emotion Sensors™ worked, what we learned, and how you can use our state-of-the-art survey technology to boost your business.

What We Asked

Emojot wanted to gather as much useful information as possible in our pre-Super Bowl Emotion Sensors™. We asked our respondents about:

  • Their age category
  • Their gender
  • Their location
  • Which team they thought would win
  • What they were most looking forward to in the Super Bowl
  • Where they prefer to watch the game

This gave Emojot a general view of what fans were feeling and thinking before the Super Bowl, plus it allowed us to see which demographics we were reaching with our Voice of Audience Emotion Sensors™.

Our Astounding Completion Rate

Have you ever started an online survey, got bored with it, and never finished it? Chances are, you have. Typical online surveys have surprisingly low completion rates. In fact, one of our competitors (that offers
basic web surveys without attention to emotional responses or emojis) suggests that companies should expect just 10-15 percent of participants to actually answer all of their questions, with up to 40 percent if they’re truly lucky. In fact, based on a recent academic review of 45 different studies in the journal, Elsevier, “it is estimated that the response rate in the web survey on average is approximately 11 percent lower than that of other survey modes,” even when conducting scholarly research. Most online surveys simply aren’t captivating enough to keep their participants’ interest to the end.

Why does this matter? Isn’t it enough just to get some responses? Not quite. You see, the higher your completion rate, generally, the more accurate and actionable your survey will be. If you only ever hear the thoughts and feelings of the 10 percent who stuck with your survey until the bitter end, your results will be skewed. In addition, having a low completion rate can breed a general sense of boredom and disinterest in your brand, which isn’t great for building your reputation. To actually do their job – provide the information you need and help keep your audiences engaged with your company – your surveys need a high completion rate.

Well then, what exactly is a high completion rate? According to Michigan State University’s National Social Norms Center, “various studies described their response rate as ‘acceptable’ at 10 percent, 54 percent, and 65 percent, while others” suggested “38.9 percent, 40 percent, and 42 percent” would be satisfactory. The exact numbers may vary depending on the circumstance, but generally, the more, the merrier, and it should be roughly around if not over half.

With this in mind, Emojot is thrilled to report that our completion rate for the Pre-Super Bowl survey was 84.2 percent! That’s right: over 8 in every 10 people who began our Emotion Sensors™ finished it. We got hundreds of responses in just a few days, giving us an excellent 99 percent confidence level with a tiny 3.5 percent margin of error. This means that our Emotion Sensors™ was not only engaging, but produced scientifically dependable results .

What Changes Our Completion Rate

Emojot’s pre-Super Bowl Emotion Sensors™ success goes to show that listening to your audience on an emotional level and allowing them to share their perspectives with fun emoji-based responses works . If you think emojis are silly and whimsical, you’re correct! But they’re also a powerful tool to tap into your audience’s thoughts and feelings in a way they’ll actually respond . If you’ve been sticking with the plain old, 10-15 percent completion rate surveys that yield no real benefit for your business, it’s time to turn your sad-face into a happy-face with Emojot’s Emotion Sensors™.

Our Delightfully Diverse Respondents

Another important factor in survey effectiveness is the range of respondents. If your target audience is men and women aged 18-35, but only 20-year-old men answer your Emotion Sensors™, the information you gather isn’t going to be particularly useful. Attracting a wide array of participants can help you better understand your audience’s general thoughts and feelings.

Emojot’s Pre-Super Bowl Emotion Sensors™, for example, offers widely applicable, useful findings because all sorts of people took part in it. Our respondents were 56.8 percent female and 43.2 percent male, with a relatively even split. They were also 51.9 percent Boomers, 27.7 percent GenXers, and 16.9 percent Millenials, appealing across different age groups.

Emojot’s Super Bowl Insights

What did our sensational pre-Super Bowl Emotion Sensors™ teach us? We found out a few fascinating facts from this emoji-based survey. For example, despite the fact that Internet streaming seems to be taking over all of media in this digital age, only 2.6 percent of our participants planned to watch the game online, while 72.87 percent would be watching at home and another 16.8 percent made plans to watch it at a house party. This suggests that, even with the increasing prevalence of online viewing, people still prefer to enjoy major sporting events on a traditional television. In addition, while you might think the game would be the obvious main attraction for the Super Bowl, we found that a combined 34.57 percent of participants were most looking forward to other parts of the event, such as the halftime show or advertisements.

What Voice of Audience Emotion Sensors™ Could Mean For Your Enterprise

To truly reach, educate, enthrall, and inform your audiences, you first need to understand them. The best way to comprehend your viewers’, listeners’, patrons’ or spectators’ emotions is with an Emojot Voice of Audience Emotion Sensors™. Just having them take this interactive Emotion Sensors™ at all can help them feel heard and build a better bond with your business. Furthermore, with an excellent completion rate and many responses to work with, you can begin to better serve your audience’s true needs. Voice of Audience Emotion Sensors™ are applicable for a wide range of businesses, including entertainment studios, event production companies, media, marketing divisions, sports teams, recreational enterprises, and even political campaigns.

Are You Ready to Engage Your Audience with Emojot?

You’ve seen what we accomplished with our pre-Super Bowl LII Emotion Sensors™. Now experience what an Emojot Voice of Audience Emotion Sensors™ can do for you.