Going Green: How Emojot Helped a Leading Private Hospital Chain Save Costs and the Environment

The importance of employee self-assessment surveys cannot be overstated in today’s corporate world. They are a vital tool for management to gauge employee satisfaction, identify areas of improvement, and develop action plans. However, conducting these surveys can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with large employee bases. This is where the Emojot platform comes in. In this case study, we see how a leading private hospital chain’s HR department leveraged Emojot’s capabilities to conduct their annual employee self-assessment survey effectively.

The Challenge

The hospital chain’s HR department needed to conduct their annual employee self-assessment survey for their 4000+ employees. In previous years, the survey was conducted on paper, which was not only costly but also not environmentally friendly. Additionally, there had been no proper in-depth analysis done on data from previous years, making it difficult to track progress, get to know employees’ pain points and identify areas for improvement.

The Solution

The hospital chain had been using the Emojot platform for various other processes including Customer Experience Management (CMX), Work-Flow Management, and Analytics & Operations Intelligence (AOI), and it was only natural that they turned to Emojot to address their employee self-assessment needs. 

  • Emojot Emotion Sensors™ with complex skip logic: Emojot was able to provide a quick and effective solution for the complex self-assessment procedure. 
  • Omni-channel deployment: With Emojot’s platform, the survey was deployed via SMS and also embedded in the hospital’s intranet kiosks. 
  • Multi-lingual support and restrictions: Restrictions were put in place to ensure that employees could not respond more than once, and the survey was deployed with multilingual support using Emojot’s Survey Localization features, allowing employees to choose their preferred language.
  • Real-time Analytics: Be able to visualize and analyze all the information being recorded from the Emotion Sensors™ in real time from the Analytics & Business Intelligence dashboard.

The Benefits

The use of Emojot’s quick solution resulted in the following outcomes for the hospital chain’s HR department:

  • Organizational drilldown: One of the key features of the Emojot platform is its ability to consolidate employee information with the survey responses, enabling it to show analytics based on the organizational structure. The platform’s unique Enterprise Hierarchy capability allowed the hospital’s HR department to drill down to each hospital and respective department, as the metadata of employees were automatically associated with the responses.
  • Actionable Insights: By deploying the survey through Emojot’s platform, the hospital’s HR department was able to monitor the progress of the survey through Emojot’, ensure all employee data was collected, and analyze the data via Emojot’s own CX portal. The portal provided the necessary HR staff with in-depth insights into the survey results, which they could use to identify areas of improvement and develop action plans.


In conclusion, this case study highlights the importance of using a platform like Emojot for conducting employee self-assessment surveys effectively. Emojot’s capabilities allowed the hospital chain’s HR department to deploy the survey cost-effectively and in an environmentally friendly way, while also providing them with the necessary tools to analyze the data effectively. The Emojot platform’s ability to consolidate employee information with survey responses and drill down to each hospital and department provides HR departments with invaluable insights that they can use to develop action plans that drive positive change in their organizations.