Enhancing Call Center Efficiency and Caller Experience with Emojot’s Automation Solution


The education industry is highly competitive, and it’s critical for institutions to engage with prospective students effectively. For a leading education provider offering a wide range of disciplines, this meant addressing a key issue that was causing them to miss out on potential students. 

The education provider’s call center played a crucial role in engaging with prospective students, but the manual processes in place were hindering its efficiency. The high volume of daily inquiries led to errors in recording and reporting data, prompting the institute to seek a solution for streamlining the call center operations and improving the overall student experience.

Furthermore, various common issues were identified in the call center operation, such as the need for training to manage the labor-intensive manual processes, a lack of synchronization between the call center and student information systems leading to inaccuracies, and difficulty in maintaining the necessary material for prospective students online.

The Solution

Leveraging its cutting-edge workflow automation solution, Emojot provided the education institute with a customized solution to automate their call center operations. By addressing the institute’s specific needs, Emojot was able to enhance the overall student and call center experience and improve operational efficiency. 

The call center automation solution involves:

  • Emotion Sensor™ as call center script: Emotion Sensors™ were utilized as call center scripts to ensure that all necessary information was captured by call center agents. The sensors themselves contain all the information that needs to be captured from a prospective student.
  • Customized skip logic: Emojot Emotion Sensors™ have the capability to redirect the call center agent to the relevant call script based on the responses given by the caller, this customization makes sure that the caller gets the accurate information.
  • Automated emails and alerts: Emojot’s workflow automation sent emails to prospective students after their call, increasing engagement. Automated alerts were sent to management for inquiries, improving the student experience and institute selection likelihood.
  • Integration with student information management system (SIMS): The Emojot platform was integrated with SIMS to ensure that the call center was in sync with the student information management system, eliminating any issues caused by a lack of synchronization
  • Real-Time dashboards with in-depth analytics: Emojot’s tailor-made dashboard and analytics enabled the education institute’s management to monitor call center operations and make informed decisions.


By utilizing Emojot’s solution, the education provider was able to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their key customer touch points, resulting in the following:

  • Increased efficiency: Emojot’s call center automation significantly improved call center agent efficiency by streamlining operations in a more methodical and linear manner. This made it easier for agents to engage with prospective students and provide relevant information, resulting in increased efficiency.
  • Increased student experience: The information provided by the institute’s representatives was very helpful for prospective students in making their decisions. Additionally, the timely emails and engagement by student representatives instilled a sense of confidence in the institute.
  • Data-driven decision making: The education provider’s management was able to make effective decisions with ease based on the information provided by the analytics dashboards.


In conclusion, Emojot‘s call center automation solution has proven to be highly effective for the education provider, allowing them to streamline their operations and enhance the overall student experience. With Emojot’s customized solution, the institute was able to improve call center efficiency, increase engagement with prospective students, and make data-driven decisions with ease. These results have undoubtedly given the institute a competitive edge in the highly competitive education industry.