How Emojot Works for Healthcare?

With the acceleration of advanced technology in the world today, the field of patient experience has exploded. As population health efforts grow rapidly, efforts to engage patients about their own healthcare services have become a very popular concept. However, these two concepts – patient experience and engagement – seem disconnected. Although some healthcare professionals talk about engagement in health, they don’t improvise the essential experience of it. Yes, some of them do talk about patient experience but they sometimes forget to focus on an engagement mechanism that’s highly effective. What we refer to here is patient engagement that would help them focus on a faster decision-making strategy that would prove as a positive outcome in terms of the services they provide.  If an effective decision-making strategy is not in place, it limits their improvisation scope that won’t help them realize their full potential as a healthcare professional.

To solve the disconnection between patient experience and engagement levels, technology vendors have come into the picture to create intelligent, empathetic solutions. With an influx of solutions to pick from, it all boil downs to picking a best-suited technology platform that would act as a foundation to reinforce excellence and help healthcare professionals improve services as and when it is required. So, what kind of solution can really help you eradicate the experience-engagement disconnect?

Essentially, it’s a solution that follows an effective customer engagement methodology that would primarily act as the voice of patients (your customers) – across all your departments. Wouldn’t it be great if you could understand how your patients felt every time they pay you a visit? Or, wouldn’t it be greater if they tell you what you’re doing wrong, what you’re doing right and suggest on how you can make things right? We believe that Emojot’ voice of customer solution not only has the ability to act as the voice of your patients (customers), it also acts as a sentiment analysis platform that can help you cross-check feedback of the overall view to drill down what patients are saying about you to a granular level, identify the respective issues they have and that too with data segmented from different target groups. The solution also enables faster, better informed decision-making with its reduced turnaround time with its ability to provide the necessary information in real-time. With a higher patient response rate in place, you’d certainly be able to understand your patients, provide them an exceptional service, and increase your revenue generation at a rapid pace.