Emojot Transforms Patient Feedback Management and Boosts Online Reputation for an Asian Hospital Chain


An Asia-based hospital chain aimed to improve patient satisfaction by collecting and acting on patient feedback. Although the hospital had made significant improvements in its processes, its online presence didn’t reflect these positive changes. Emojot’s platform, with its highly configurable solutions for collecting feedback across multiple channels, provided the perfect solution to the hospital’s challenges.

The Solution

Emojot deployed its versatile Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform to address the hospital chain’s need for efficient feedback collection and management.

The solution encompassed the following components:

  • Patient Feedback Collection via Emotion Sensors™: Emojot enabled the hospital chain to collect feedback from patients on Emotion Sensors™ using various channels, including tablets, SMS, email, and social media.
  • Real-Time Alerts for Negative Feedback: Hospital staff were alerted to negative feedback, allowing them to take immediate action and resolve any issues. This proactive approach helped improve patient satisfaction.
  • Directing Feedback Respondents to Google Review Pages: Patients who provided positive feedback on the Emotion Sensors™ were immediately directed from the Emotion Sensors™ to the hospital’s Google review pages. This strategy increased the number of positive reviews and overall reviews, which in turn improved the hospital’s online reputation.


By utilizing Emojot’s platform, the hospital chain achieved significant improvements in patient feedback management and their online presence:

  • Improvement in Patient Satisfaction Ratings: Alerting relevant staff members to negative feedback enabled them to promptly address issues, leading to an improvement in the hospital’s overall patient satisfaction ratings.
  • Significant Google Review Rating Increase: Within one year, the hospital chain saw a substantial increase in Google ratings, which jumped from 2.9 to 4.5.


The Emojot CXM platform proved to be a valuable tool for the Asian hospital chain, enabling them to efficiently collect patient feedback, improve internal processes, and boost its online reputation. By directing positive respondents to Google review pages and alerting staff to negative feedback, the hospital experienced significant improvements in patient satisfaction and their Google ratings. 

Emojot’s innovative solutions cater to a wide range of needs, making it an indispensable asset for businesses across various industries.