How the Emojot Platform Works

With the advancement of technology, a multitude of organizations across the globe have access to more data than ever before. This influx of data leads to a blind-sighted organizational approach. Organizational success cannot be achieved by simply a ‘more data’ factor. Instead, it can only be achieved by using the ‘right data’ at the ‘right time’. By using this approach, data is converted into ‘experience data’ to best-suit your organizational needs. Keeping this approach in mind we developed a new imperative –Emojot – a platform that uses Emotion Sensors™ to capture customer experience data coupled with versatile back-end capabilities to track and manage the data gathered. In layman terms we refer to it as translating human emotions/feelings/expressions into sentiment data that is bound to be useful for all businesses spanning across different industries.

 Then & Now

If you look back in time, traditional surveys have been the most straightforward method in capturing customer experiences merely due to the low accuracy rates achieved in terms of alternate experience tracking technologies. And to add to that, the opt-in rates have been reported extremely low for traditional surveys – a sad reality. However, with Emojot’ survey methodology of using an array of gamification techniques coupled with emojis/pictograms makes engagement simple and fun – convincing your customers/employees/audiences want to engage with you, more than ever before. Compared to traditional surveys, Emojot’ customer journey orchestration feature allows you to ask the right questions, at the right time – a dire need of any business during this day and age that has an exceedingly high competitive landscape.

 It Doesn’t Just Stop There

The platform also includes a very powerful, built-in ‘Business Hierarchy’ feature that helps businesses map out their existing hierarchies when modelling experience data. For example, watermarking real-time customer experience data, of different rooftops of any given business is a very cool insight that can be generated via the platform. Additionally, the correlation and causality analysis of experience data we gather via Emojot’ Emotion Sensors™ coupled with social media data allows a business to understand what works, what doesn’t and what could possibly make the customer experience better when things get bitter. It doesn’t stop there. Emojot also provides you 80+ visualization options to slice and dice the experience data gathered within the platform. Pretty cool isn’t it?

 Humanizing Emotions Towards a Pathway of Continuous Progression

Since human beings are known to have short attention span, the platform makes ‘expressing’ and ‘understanding’ exceedingly easy for them – this includes both customers as well as business owners. Not forgetting that it leverages ‘emojis’ or pictograms to make it quick, easy and fun for customers to provide contextual feedback at any given point in time. The combination of contextually and physically expressed customer sentiment with inferred customer sentiment generates real-time analytics that is easy to understand, quick to access and insightful to initiate effective, decision-making practices to business owners. Pretty awesome isn’t it? A revolutionary platform that will certainly help you nurture deep, emotional connections with your customers/employees/audiences.