Emojot Empowers Veterinary Centers with Marketing Channel Insights and Drives ROI Optimization


A group of Veterinary Centers faced the challenge of having no visibility into the performance of their marketing channels, making it difficult to allocate marketing budgets effectively. The data relating to client referral channels, revenue, and customer satisfaction was spread across multiple internal systems, each having different formats.

Emojot offered a comprehensive solution to tackle these challenges and optimize the Veterinary Centers’ marketing efforts.

The Solution

Emojot provided a customized solution leveraging its Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform to address the Veterinary Centers’ challenges, encompassing the following components:

  • Emotion Sensor™ for Referral Channels and Customer Satisfaction: Emojot deployed their Emotion Sensor™ technology to capture referral channel data and customer satisfaction metrics efficiently.
  • Customized Backend-Integrated ETL Models: Emojot developed tailored ETL models to consolidate revenue data with referral channel data, regardless of varying formats across multiple internal systems.
  • Real-Time Compact Dashboards with Drill-Down Capabilities: Emojot provided the Veterinary Centers with real-time, interactive dashboards that enabled in-depth analysis of marketing channel performance and customer satisfaction.


By implementing Emojot’s solution, the Veterinary Centers achieved significant improvements in marketing channel visibility and budget allocation optimization:

  • Improved Marketing Channel ROI Visibility: Emojot’s solution allowed the Veterinary Centers to gain a clear understanding of the performance of each marketing channel, enabling informed decision-making for marketing budget allocations.
  • Data-Driven Predictive Optimization: The Veterinary Centers could now use past data trends to forecast the performance of marketing channels and optimize budget allocations accordingly, driving increased ROI from their marketing efforts.


Emojot’s customized CXM solution proved invaluable for the group of Veterinary Centers, enabling them to gain insights into marketing channel performance, customer satisfaction, and revenue data. By consolidating disparate data sources and providing real-time dashboards with drill-down capabilities, Emojot empowered the Veterinary Centers to optimize their marketing budget allocations and drive better ROI. 

With Emojot’s innovative technology, businesses across various industries can transform their marketing efforts and make more informed decisions.