Elevating Customer Engagement in the Automotive Industry: A Digital Transformation Journey


As we navigate the fast-paced digital revolution, maintaining robust customer connections and meeting their evolving requirements is paramount. Our focal point is a leading multinational automotive manufacturing corporation  in the United States, committed to promoting brand uniformity, customer demand, and lead conversion across a network of over 2600 dealerships nationwide. This group delivers a comprehensive digital toolkit and services to its dealer affiliates, establishing a vital feedback loop from customers to guarantee the successful integration and satisfaction of these offerings.

Key Challenges

The automaker  was grappling with significant challenges concerning its customer feedback system. Traditional survey methods yielded a dismal response rate of merely 0.5%, and the low-quality data resulting from high customer employee turnover severely crippled the company’s ability to respond effectively to customers’ needs. The absence of insightful feedback led to reduced use of corporate resources by dealers, resistance to service subscription renewals, and a reluctance to invest in new offerings.

Key Features of the Solution

As a solution, the automaker  engaged Emojot, a customizable Software as a Service (SaaS) platform geared towards enhancing customer experiences, boosting employee performance, and simplifying operational processes. Emojot presented a broad set of tools, including innovative Emotion Sensors for customer experience management. The platform promised prompt customer needs responses while ensuring data security compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA regulations.


Emojot brought about a significant transformation in the automaker ‘s customer feedback system. The platform’s engaging features such as emojis, integrated videos, and branded digital assets, made survey participation enjoyable for customers. This led to a remarkable increase in survey response rates – a whopping 60x jump from 0.5% to 34%. Emojot’s unique offerings like enterprise-hierarchical data and skip-logic additionally enhanced feedback data quality and reduced survey fatigue among respondents. The platform also promised rapid roll-out, with a short turnaround time of just 24 hours for enterprise surveys, enabling swift responses to customer concerns without the need for IT intervention. Furthermore, Emojot’s real-time analytics dashboard enabled the automaker’s  management to make data-driven decisions.


The successful implementation of Emojot at the automaker  serves as a powerful testament to digital transformation’s potential within the automotive industry. As quoted by the automaker’s ‘s Head of Global Digital Programs, “I depend on Emojot to stay in tune with my customers.” Through Emojot, the automaker  surmounted significant barriers in customer engagement and feedback collection, laying the foundation for enhanced customer satisfaction and expanded use of digital corporate resources. By cultivating a customer-centric transformation, this automotive  group poised itself for sustained success in today’s digitized business landscape.