Dart Global Logistics Collaborates with Emojot to Enhance Employee Engagement Through Advanced 360-Degree Feedback Solution

Mr. Buddhika Perera, Head of Group Human Resources at Dart Global Logistics with Mr. Viraj Amarasena, Head of Sales at Emojot.

Dart Global Logistics Leverages Emojot’s Pioneering 360-Degree Feedback Solution for Holistic Employee Insights

Colombo, Sri Lanka (July 04, 2023) – Dart Global Logistics (DGL), a leading global logistics service provider, announces its partnership with Emojot for the 2nd consecutive year in adopting its advanced 360-Degree Feedback solution for a comprehensive employee evaluation process. Through this strategic alliance, DGL aims to revolutionize its employee assessment and engagement strategies, thus boosting company productivity and strengthening its workplace culture.

Emojot’s innovative feedback solution, the Emotion Sensor®, will offer DGL the ability to deploy a branded survey featuring a standard set of questions to facilitate 360-degree feedback. The solution ensures anonymity, maintains the integrity of feedback, and promotes open communication within the organization.

Notable features of Emojot’s solution include:

  • Personalized Email Distribution: Each DGL employee will receive an individualized email containing the survey and details about its objectives.
  • Advanced Dashboard Access: The Group Human Resources at DGL will have access to view both aggregated and distributive responses along with intuitive machine learning & AI-driven insights.
  • Enterprise Hierarchy: The solution will capture DGL’s organizational structure for comprehensive insights.
  • Multiple User Levels: DGL will have several tiers of user levels, each with access to view analytics specific to their level.
  • Scoring with Heatmaps: Standard scoring will be set across the organization to facilitate a uniform evaluation process.

Buddhika Perera, Head of Group Human Resources at Dart Global Logistics, expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, “At DGL, we are committed to harnessing advanced technologies to empower our people and optimize our internal processes. Emojot’s 360-Degree Feedback solution aligns perfectly with our vision, providing us with the insights needed to make data-driven decisions and continue enhancing our organizational environment.”

Viraj Amarasena, Head of Sales at Emojot, expressed, “We’re delighted to partner with Dart Global Logistics, an industry leader in global logistics services. Our solution is designed to enable companies like DGL to harness the power of feedback in driving engagement and productivity. We look forward to supporting their growth journey.”

This partnership underlines DGL’s commitment to fostering a supportive work environment, with a keen focus on employee growth and satisfaction.

About Dart Global Logistics

Dart Global Logistics is a global logistics service provider, renowned for their cutting-edge solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction. Their extensive worldwide network and comprehensive range of logistics services position them as a leader in their industry.

About Emojot

Emojot is a global technology company offering advanced customer experience management solutions. Their innovative 360-Degree Feedback solution empowers businesses to collect and analyze valuable employee insights working hand in hand with advanced AI & machine learning capabilities. Trusted by businesses across various industries, Emojot solutions drive growth through improved engagement and productivity.

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