Asiri Health Fortifies Digital Brand Marketing Strategy Through Partnership with Emojot

Ms. Rochelle de Silva, Group Director of Marketing at Asiri Group of Hospitals with Dr. Shahani Markus, Founder and CTO at Emojot.

Colombo, Sri Lanka (Jul 7, 2023) – Asiri Group of Hospitals, Sri Lanka’s premier hospital chain, is excited to announce a pivotal alliance with Emojot, aimed at supercharging its digital marketing initiatives with Emojot’s state-of-the-art Online Reputation Management (ORM) and Social Listening & Tracking (SLT) solutions.

The suite of capabilities provided by Emojot’s ORM and SLT solutions includes:

  • A comprehensive one-stop solution to monitor Asiri Hospitals’ social media channels, the Web, and review listing sites, including a competitive landscape analysis.
  • AI-powered analytics and recommendations will facilitate Asiri in optimizing its online presence through data-driven decision-making.
  • Real-time alert systems and notifications, ensuring hospital management remains updated on trends and enabling timely action.
  • AI-generated response suggestions, assisting Asiri in delivering personalized and engaging responses to their patients.

Rochelle de Silva, Group Director of Marketing at Asiri Group of Hospitals, shared her anticipation for the partnership, remarking, “At Asiri, we are steadfast in our commitment to leverage innovative technologies to stay competitive and provide unparalleled patient experiences.”

Dr. Shahani Markus, Founder and CTO at Emojot, noted, “This alliance with Asiri Group of Hospitals is a significant step in raising the bar for patient satisfaction within the healthcare industry in Sri Lanka, primarily through the strategic utilization of technology for informed decision-making.”

About Asiri Group of Hospitals

Asiri Group of Hospitals, the leading private healthcare provider in Sri Lanka, embarked on its journey in 1986, listing on the Colombo Stock Exchange the same year. The group’s capacity exceeds 800 beds. Living up to its name ‘Asiri,’ which translates to ‘a blessing,’ the Asiri team endeavors to be a beacon of hope for every patient that steps through their doors.

With patient care at the heart of its operations, Asiri stands as the leading private healthcare brand in Sri Lanka. Its team comprises some of the most dedicated, skilled, and experienced healthcare providers and medical experts in the country. With state-of-the-art medical equipment and adherence to stringent international standards, Asiri ensures a safe and healthy environment for all.

About Emojot

Emojot is a global technology pioneer, specializing in advanced customer experience management solutions. Their cutting-edge Online Reputation Management and Social Listening & Tracking platforms allow businesses to monitor, manage, and enhance their online presence and customer satisfaction using AI capabilities, machine learning, and real-time alerts. Industries ranging from hospitality and healthcare to retail rely on Emojot’s solutions for valuable insights, improved customer satisfaction, and growth acceleration.

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